(procrastinating, yes)

Posted on March 2, 2014


okay, I’ve looked at the roads and the choir will have to do without me this morning… and it’s time to dive back into this programming exercise.  I’m developing a deeper appreciation for the luggage and baggage one must bring to struggle.   Short version:   if one doesn’t already have a ‘growth mindset’, then an assignment designed to include that wonderful and healthy ‘struggle’ will inspire the search for a  shortcut to survive, *especially* if there are other “motivations” for success (such as needing a course grade to maintain financial aid or progress towards a degree or graduation).   I can’t imagine even attempting this if I had the feeling that I really coudln’t do it instead of a few decades of academic successes.   

    On a slight tangent, I have been truly inspired by the new kiddo who dropped in this week for the first time…  the calculator was sought for things like -2 + -2 with an “I can’t do math” kind of comment about every minute and a half.   I knew there was hope when the problem was “1/2x = 8” and when I suggested that there was this trip, we’d gone 8 miles, and we were halfway there… a little thought and “16 miles!”   and then we connected the symbols to the thoughts… and by Friday afternoon the comments were positive (“I think I’ll do okay on this test.”)  Here’s hoping that assessment was valid… 

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