When will I use this?

Posted on February 13, 2014


It occurred to me going through the planning of our next lab that… I’m using a *ton* of actual algebra (as well as algebraic thinking) figuring out the graphics and the assorted loops.    This might, in part, explain the teacher’s enthusiasm about improving basic math & algebra skills.

First quiz and I got the predicted 13/15.   Tomorrow will find which 2 I missed.  I pretty much inevitably miss 2, which is an appropriate amount — I read over the ones I got and review them through gloating satisfaction, and then chew up and swallow the two that dinged me.   That’s how that “inner locus of control” thing works (part of the “growth mindset”).   If I really thought that the “86” was something that had happened *to* me then I wouldn’t be reading over the answers and pondering my interactions with that question.   I’d have just thought I had been judged right or wrong, and that it was time to move along.

… and now it *is* time to move back to things…

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