That Camtasia Voice…

Posted on February 13, 2014


Listened to the audio-pdf I made of my “explanation of the big powers of i.”   Ewww.   Must make  more for the sake of vanity, and practice the voice I used in my first Camtasia video, which I made next to a room with students so I was trying to be clear enough for the mic to pick up, but without disrupting the others.   It had a moderately amazing late-night-radio effect. 

   Project assigned for “making apps” course:   Integer Difference Display.   You enter the problem and it plots it on a number line for you so you can *see* the difference. 

     Haven’t had much to comment about pedagogically about either course, because so far we have been doing more “how to code” and less “how to design,” but that shifts as of last Tuesday.   I *think* this is going to be a whole lot like writing a paper:   brainstorm, then organize, always back-checking to Your Requirements. Lab Four, coming up! 

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