ALEKS acquired

Posted on February 10, 2014


Seems McGraw Hill acquired ALEKS last June (and separated their “financial” part of the corporation from the educational).


When a company has financial products and educational products, is it much of a leap to suggest that educational materials are commodities to be produced, marketed and sold as efficiently as possible (as opposed to as educationally as possible)?

Also speculating that just as it’s pretty easy to find all kinds of essays online, it’s only a matter of time before students will find “resources” to “help” them with things like ALEKS online; a site where you can type in the “problem type” and it will come up with an app where you enter the numbers of the problems and it will spew the answer. It’s online… students are supposed to do it online… they’ve already gotten quite good at using the calculator on the side when they’re not supposed to.

Here, you’re not going to pass our courses by dint of acing ALEKS. There’s plenty of accountability. Something tells me that in the name of improving statistics, that’s not universal.

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