Sunday, Sunday

Posted on January 26, 2014


(to the tune of Monday, Monday :))

Now is the dangerous part of The LEarning PRocess.   I dove in and got ahead before the semester started.  Enough of both courses are online, so that was manageable.  THat’s meant I haven’t had to do a lot. Welp, now the course has caught up with me, but, of course, I don’t have the habit of doing a whole lot around the rest of the obligations of life.

Happily, it is so satisfying that I don’t actually procrastinate.  Unhappily, the danger is in distractions.  Happily, I sprang for an Asus T100 Tablet/Laptop hybrid that I am thinking will be the ideal weapon for Getting STuff Done On The Bus, and since the weather is going to be execrable this week, too. Today it’ll get to 40… then go down to two below by dawn… rise to, erm, 0, and then dive to fourteen below. Of course, you can’t have that kind of temp change without winds… and little bouts of snow.   Just cold and I’d be on the bike.   Even cold with some wind — the Gazelle weighs 50 pounds and it takes a lot…

The tablet creature will have Windows 8.1 so I can run Eclipse on it — the clincher was that it has a USB 3.0 port so *hopefully* it will even run fast (and not be, as some of the cheaper flash drives, “3.0” in name only). videos about adding and subtracting integers are getting traffic and even a comment 🙂    Now to turn those ideas into proposals for making simple apps… end of distraction! TIme for a little work!

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