Posted on December 29, 2013


So, I decided to try to figure out the part evading me on Lab 1 for CSC 256… and figured I needed to know how to figure out the points along a circle to tell Java where to draw the line.  As in, yes, I am having to use sines and cosines in … a class that’s not a math class. IRL! IRL!   (In Real Life! Granted, geeky life…)  

I want to confirm what I drew on the paper of the book I sliced up trying to make a “vintage book gadget organizer” per … so I go online and find and dang it, they’ve got a cool interactive applet showing sine and cosine… that’s messed up.  (Happily, the static graphic in the corner says *exactly* what I wanted to see.) Note to self:  get 10 people to check whatever you put out there.  It’s exactly the simple error I would make — the hypotenuse line stops at the graphic showing the angle itself, so that its actual length that the applet uses to calculate is that much longer than the real thing. (Yes, I clicked on the ‘contact’ – and hope this blog does a ping job too.)   

This is fun puzzle-solving, though, and it is *so* much less frustrating when I can look up and confirm the names of things… 

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