Seth Godin

Posted on December 28, 2013


Just listened to Seth Godin’s take on “educational reform.”
I want some backup to the notion that the purpose of schools has been to prepare people to sit still in factories. I have this funny feeling that it’s like that “drink 8 glasses of water a day!” thing — everybody assumes that somebody’s done the research … but nobody can find it. (I won’t lower it to the status of that execrable ‘spelling research’ that implies that spelling doesn’t matter, at least not yet…)
I can *assure* you that my public education was not done with the aim of preparing me for factory work. It just wasn’t. Neither are current schools.
I suspect, rather, that schools are/were designed to train us to figure out what a person in charge wants us to do and say, and find a way to get it done with the resources we have, to learn to manage authorities (different skillsets for different demographics, of course; the Hermione Grangers vs. the Harry Potters…) and some people learn stuff along the way. An awful lot of time and effort is spent showing us how to take pretty dull ideas and put the right language in them so they make the reader/listener feel satisfied…
I also recognize that what motivates the Powers That Be is systemic… while teachers tend to care more about their students.
Now, I think we can use that factory idea, though. Could be that the School BOard’s notion is to get us all compliant with proper test preparation — but it doesn’t have to be the teachers’.

’nuff o that. time to spend a little time preparing the space for creativity 🙂

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