Posted on December 17, 2013


It’s a slog, it is, plowing through the ALEKS lessons. However, it does trigger the perseveration response.   Probably does in students, too — but is that enough to call something effective?   I’ve gotten through lessons in quotients in the whole number section, and tucked into the explanations was that 6000/300  = 60/3 .  If a student hasn’t learned about fractions, they will almost certainly rely on the “take a visual picture and follow the pattern” strategy that is so frequently flawed.  

I’ve also tried to do the Android class downloads… but with limited success. I think that will take another human walking me through… more success with walking through text exercises from the Java II course — beginning to do the interactive things, and getting excited at having labels with pictures and words that people could click on 🙂

Will possibly ride the bike again tomorrow since it should warm up and stay above freezing for a whole day…  

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