Lessons Learned!

Posted on December 11, 2013


Hmmm… lessons learned from CSC 140:
A. I’m an auditory girl. Period. The notes I read and played into my little ears *stuck.* So I shall commence recording the notes posted for the online course over break.
B. That “just always review the old stuff, all semester?” works 😉
C. Even if I have all the notes and the book and all the quizzes, it’s still a whole nasty mess of papers and I won’t know where what I need really is. Best to just use the book’s index for notes, and just have my programs handy.

I didn’t even pull up Eclipse, since we were enjoined not to compile (i.e., test our code to see if we were right before submitting our answer), tho’ the color coding might have helped. 

Won’t know how I did until the coding parts are manually graded; hopefully we get to see the exams for a day for our own reference. 

What made me happy:   Getting to question 68 of 70, saying, “WTF????”   and deciding that he would *not* have put something weird and horrible that close to the end, so I must be missing something. So I went back over the “unsaved” questions… looked back at teh question and talked to it:   it was asking me to “cycle through” 0 through 4, three times, with one variable.   Connection made… code written… and he *had* said that was going to be on the final.   Normally, that’s the light bulb that goes on *after* you walk away from the test, but “walking away” to the other questions did the trick. 

So!   I have just over THIRTY DAYS!!!   until things begin again.   I shall a: evaluate lessons for oercommons.org, b:  at least *try* to sharpen my Flash skills with some more videos, tho’ I just might go back to Camtasia, c: make those little Livescribe recordings so I can etch details into my brain and get ahead, d: draft out apps to propose to create next semester, reminding myself whenever I can that it should be FUN and include the wild and wacky principles of animation — suspense, timing, stretching and squashing and the rest! and d: figure out how to get my trainer to work so I can keep fit and sane.  

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