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Nix the Tricks II

December 31, 2013

3 is the site that the twitterfeed led me to last Sept. 9.  Seems I didn’t directly link to it, else the author might have noticed … but as I said in my reply, I’m still figuring out how to get things to ping in the right places, and am confident that as soon as […]


December 29, 2013


So, I decided to try to figure out the part evading me on Lab 1 for CSC 256… and figured I needed to know how to figure out the points along a circle to tell Java where to draw the line.  As in, yes, I am having to use sines and cosines in … a […]

Seth Godin

December 28, 2013


Just listened to Seth Godin’s take on “educational reform.” I want some backup to the notion that the purpose of schools has been to prepare people to sit still in factories. I have this funny feeling that it’s like that “drink 8 glasses of water a day!” thing — everybody assumes that somebody’s done the […]

Future of Programming

December 26, 2013


Down near the end of   (and I need to go back and read the other “trends” posts) was a link to a thing called “The Future Of Programming.”   I expected something like this from O’Reilly all about “disruptions” and cool programming of devices. It was much more provocative than that.   has a video of a […]

Next Livescribe

December 22, 2013


 … Think I’ll put together a pdf-with-audio of my Little Explanation of pi r squared.    I’ve seen students absolutely certain that the area of a triangle is length times width, because That Is The Area Formula, Thank YOu.  Sometimes, fortunately, review of what area means and a little visual manipulation to show that all […]


December 17, 2013


It’s a slog, it is, plowing through the ALEKS lessons. However, it does trigger the perseveration response.   Probably does in students, too — but is that enough to call something effective?   I’ve gotten through lessons in quotients in the whole number section, and tucked into the explanations was that 6000/300  = 60/3 . […]

ALEKS investigation

December 16, 2013


  I am pretending to be a student in ALEKS who needs a *lot* of explaining. I’m finding things that I like — sometimes, the “further explanation” does a good job of adding one element and not making things even more complicated.   So, if you’re confused by identifying place values, the “more” adds the […]

Lessons Learned!

December 11, 2013


Hmmm… lessons learned from CSC 140: A. I’m an auditory girl. Period. The notes I read and played into my little ears *stuck.* So I shall commence recording the notes posted for the online course over break. B. That “just always review the old stuff, all semester?” works 😉 C. Even if I have all […]

fault resistance

December 4, 2013


   So the student comes down for a “homework coupon” — okay, *three* homework coupons.   You can have up to six in the semester, and they’re basically anotehr homework assignment that you have to do in here.   Since the only thing left is the final, the assignments were reviews of each chapter.    […]

Two saves…

December 2, 2013


first being figuring out how to change a label on an Excel graph — and then … the soul sent to print her paper and it was written in .abw … which even open office doesn’t recognize, but it’s a small enough footrpint and gosh, Parkland has tech folks if this turns nasty in my […]