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Nix the Tricks II

December 31, 2013

3 is the site that the twitterfeed led me to last Sept. 9.  Seems I didn’t directly link to it, else the author might have noticed … but as I said in my reply, I’m still figuring out how to get things to ping in the right places, and am confident that as soon as […]


December 29, 2013


So, I decided to try to figure out the part evading me on Lab 1 for CSC 256… and figured I needed to know how to figure out the points along a circle to tell Java where to draw the line.  As in, yes, I am having to use sines and cosines in … a […]

Seth Godin

December 28, 2013


Just listened to Seth Godin’s take on “educational reform.” I want some backup to the notion that the purpose of schools has been to prepare people to sit still in factories. I have this funny feeling that it’s like that “drink 8 glasses of water a day!” thing — everybody assumes that somebody’s done the […]

Future of Programming

December 26, 2013


Down near the end of   (and I need to go back and read the other “trends” posts) was a link to a thing called “The Future Of Programming.”   I expected something like this from O’Reilly all about “disruptions” and cool programming of devices. It was much more provocative than that.   has a video of a […]

Next Livescribe

December 22, 2013


 … Think I’ll put together a pdf-with-audio of my Little Explanation of pi r squared.    I’ve seen students absolutely certain that the area of a triangle is length times width, because That Is The Area Formula, Thank YOu.  Sometimes, fortunately, review of what area means and a little visual manipulation to show that all […]


December 17, 2013


It’s a slog, it is, plowing through the ALEKS lessons. However, it does trigger the perseveration response.   Probably does in students, too — but is that enough to call something effective?   I’ve gotten through lessons in quotients in the whole number section, and tucked into the explanations was that 6000/300  = 60/3 . […]

ALEKS investigation

December 16, 2013


  I am pretending to be a student in ALEKS who needs a *lot* of explaining. I’m finding things that I like — sometimes, the “further explanation” does a good job of adding one element and not making things even more complicated.   So, if you’re confused by identifying place values, the “more” adds the […]