Spinning, spinning…

Posted on November 25, 2013


I got a spam comment on a 2007 post on my Google blog — it was creepier than average spam, since it was text generated so it really looked like content and didn’t even seem to actually want me to click anywhere, so… why?

    It was interesting to read my speculations about the value of conceptual frontloading, tho’ I didn’t coin the term then. 

    It was mildly depressing to realize that it’s been six *years* since I wanted to make a flash animation of rounding.   However, it’s been much less time since I’ve actually had the skills…. 


   (tl/dr content:)  (I abandoned blogspot b/c Google’s automatic “spam bog” algorithm decided I was spam.  My mortal sin may have been not posting “tags,” though the message to me didn’t list that at all, but rather a long list of things that didn’t apply at *all* like having a lot of links… but the message also told me where to send a real reply for a real human to change things and… it never worked.   I got disillusioned w/ Google ahead of the curve…)    

    I’ve signed onto Cohort II for the Open Education Resources… so I shall be evaluating math lessons… 

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