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Posted on October 29, 2013


Dear Decimal Institute Tweeps:

AJ approaches my desk…

… “I ain’t had this when I was growing up.”     Questions:   what’s half of 4/9?  What’s half of 10/17/   What’s half of 1/5?

I ask:   “What does 4/9 mean?”

He answers: “Well, you have this pizza, and it’s sliced into nine pieces.”   (Uses hands to show an invisible, *rectangular thank you* pizza ;)).

“What would half of that be?”

“TWo! ”

“Two out of…”

“Two ninths!  Is *that* all this is? But what about…”  points to next question… “Oh, it’s the same thing!  Five seventeenths!”

… but… one/fifth… that’s harder…

“What would one fifth look like?”   (Pause for imagination…)

“What would half of that be…”

… “One tenth… that’s all it wants??”

Pause for IMagination, Please 🙂

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