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Posted on October 18, 2013


  “Change this to a fraction in lowest terms.”   0.12  


Worked example: 


Change it to a fraction  

0.076 = 76/1000.   

Then it makes a big deal of reducing by focusing on the factors of 2 and 5. 

It’s all about the short cuts, nothing about the concepts ( why is it over 1000).  


Other ALEKS observation:   students Must Show Their Work.   They are given convoluted word problems — but in sets where exactly the same mathematical operations are applied to exactly the same situation; the numbers are swapped out.   So, the student does as many “A group of X people went to eat and the bill totalled  Y including tax and gratuity.  They decided to split it evenly and each paid with a Z dollar bill. How much change did each person get?”   

Does the student read this problem and figure out what it means?  Nay, nay.  Foolish!  Peel back in your notebook to where the other ten problems like that were, find the formula, plug it in, and do them until you’ve gotten enough right to “pass.”  

Does it surprise me that turning 94.03 into a mixed number is next to impossible for this student — because there isn’t a recipe?   No.  Does it make me satisfied when he gets the right answer? “i don’t *think* so.”  

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