Conceptual reloading

Posted on October 17, 2013


We’re calf-deep in learning about writing classes in JAVA CSC 140.   MOnday’s whole lecture was about them… yesterday’s whole “lecture” was a group effort to make one:   to make a class which would add fractions.  Living experience with “I do it, we do it, you do it,” as a student… with lots of explicit connection between processes and vocabulary, as well as between processes and what’s happening in the computer.  I was glad that I’d held off trying the lab (which isn’t due ’til Monday), because the lab has a fair amount of repetitive practice.  Before Wednesday’s class, I’d have patterned from the template — that time-honored strategy so many math students use — and ended up, with N missteps, at a working program. 

Now, I shall be able to compose my little lines of programs understanding what the little words mean.   I’ll be practicing something that makes sense.   

It’s entirely too easy to confuse replicating a template with slightly altered situations with successfully applying a structure while understanding its parts.   It’s a delight to be in a class where steps are taken to make the second version more probable. 

Oh… and that “object reference variable” concept came up, and once again it was written out in multicolored markers.   Maybe without my Orton-GIllingham experience I’d be tuning it out… but I’ve seen the power of overlearning and so I’m entering into it in the spirit of automaticity 🙂 

[It is absolutely, positively NOT what was happening in here wiht ALEKS today.  Just sayin’.]

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