Conceptual Ongoingloading

Posted on October 1, 2013


   … so, here we are, and we had several questions on our quiz about that important concept that people stumble over so that “if you get this, you can go home.”   

      The topic came up again (as it would be likely to, since it’s important and all) and… instead of giving it a brief verbal note that it was That Important Topic, what does he do?   He calls on people and we go through the whole concept again.  YOu’d think it was important or something!   And you’d think he’d realize that yes, we should be able to do more of the talking.  And happily, the people called on *did* understand, and I suspect are even *less* likely to drift back into whatever model of the programming universe that so easily creates whatever heinous misunderstandings that have not yet been revealed to us.  

    Kinda like doing lots of work with 2d and 3d measurements to learn exponents instead of shouting “DON’T JUST MULTIPLY!!!”   

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