appy Monday!

Posted on September 30, 2013


Last night I was playing with COBRA (our Desire2learn online class platform) and realized it has pretty good quiz options… a person could (and I’m going to try to today and tomorrow) set up the “you have to pass this quiz to open the next one” situation.  So, I can make a quiz so that you have to add -1 and -10 to ten different numbers in less than ____ minutes in order to get to the next level.   Almost like bejeweled blitz, eh? 

     I need to make my “hints” though — I want my guys to be able to click and see either the operation of what they’re talking about happening on a number line, and/or with the red and black chips they used in class… but I’m thinking that getting the practice (since they’ve had good instruction with manipulatives, etc) would be more important than having the hints.  

   NPR Morning Edition had a story about app developers and how many there are,  and how hard it is to get rich from them, and it included an app for teachers that won a contest that would help teachers find out what students were missing.  (Didn’t give a subject; can’t find it on )…   it’s Monday!   I get to go to class!  

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