MOOC you very much.

Posted on September 29, 2013


Welp… I am pretty sure that the best use of my time is to not waste any more of it in Broward College’s MOOC land.   It is in the time-“honored” tradition of “let’s see how quickly we can review some procedures for everything you need to know.”  And, of course, it is sprinkled with those most excellent Khan Academy videos.

Also, of course, somehow it will be a student problem if s/he is not successful.   I am reasonably sure that the folks using those grant funds want this stuff to work — just not badly enough to make time to look at the kind of instruction that works.   I’m thinking that this grant has a Gates stamp on it.

The thing bothering me most is the snowball effect:  the more places that buy into the “they can go at their own pace!” being all you need (because, after all, some people are just SLOWER than others and it’s as simple as that) and that we don’t have to teach concepts (if you don’t have them by now, why bother?) philosophy, the more it will be accepted as truth.

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