Taking another MOOC

Posted on September 23, 2013


So.   Parkland didn’t get a grant.   Broward College did.   (I am, of course, pondering whether this is a trend.)   They have a MOOC for developmental students — anywhere, any time. 

    I didn’t see an easy way to ask about it, so I just signed up.  

    I got a nice email this morning sending me to “canvas.net . ”  The link didn’t work.  However, my email has been known to open things in Sea Monkey, so that’s not a ding on them.

    I cut and paste canvas.net into Chrome.   I log in, as I’ve been told to do. 

   I get to a Calendar page, and it has waht looks like a link to my class. 

     It gets me directly to a pre-test.   When I’m *done* the pretest, which has a pretty wide sweep of things (good!) , I get my results right away. 3/20, with each question telling me which unit to work on. 

   Well, somehow I *did* manage to get on the home page, eventually — but… design clue?   Don’t dump me into a test on the intro, especially one I am not going to do well on.  (I used our student responses to our eval. as clues.) 

    Back to it for a little bit (but I’m sure this will be a brief Monday lull in the tutoring lab).

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