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Posted on September 16, 2013


… yea, it’s fried.   Be it duly noted that I should stick to Powerpoint for the time being.  I *can* make them into youtube videos (though kludgily and slowly), and … I’m not really taking advantage of the animation stuff beyond what I could do with powerpoint.  So!   I shall attempt my “the area of beautiful El” today… 

… but given that I was doing the one-armed paper-hanger with the tutoring in the morning, then up to class … managed another 87 on the quiz, which was much trickier than last week’s and I really didn’t prepare as thoroughly… I just took it more carefully.   Tho’ it’s online and open-everything,  I just take it in class because that’s the time budgeted for that class, tho’ it might have served me better to go hop on my bicycle for half an hour… but I want to build up my cognitive endurance for attention to picayune detail.   He encourages us to take the quizzes in class because he can answer questions — and perhaps he would just plain answer them.   I know I will get ’em answered next class anyway, and … if I”m only missing one or two, I’ll never forget them. 

   That’s something that academically successful people don’t always understand, though.   We expect students to “learn from their mistakes.”   However, when I misspelled independent by dropping a syllable, it was the only spelling word I missed that year (unless I missed neighborhood in the same year, but I doubt it).   If you essentially have mastery of a topic, then the things that don’t fit stick out and you figure them out.  If it’s all a muddle, that doesn’t happen.   That’s why I want to build in a pretty high level of mastery into the Mary Ellen Carter curriculum.

    And now, back to PowerPoint…

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