Video assumption

Posted on September 14, 2013


Lots and lots of people have made video lessons about math stuff. 

Why are they made as separate entities?  

When I taught people to read who really, really, really struggled with that skill, we had tons and tons of constant review. Every lesson had a serious chunk of review. 

In the long run, it had pretty profound effects. 

I think review happens naturally with a lot of subjects — and also that some subjects just aren’t as cumulative as others. Math, however, seems to lend itself to fragmentation, and hence its reduction to procedural manipulation.

So!   My plan is to build in review into the lessons at The Mary Ellen Carter school.  I’ve figured out how to make quizzes on our Desire2Learn pages… will see if there’s a more open way to get them out there because unless you’re in our class you’ can’t go there. 

RIght now it’s time to get the beeping (literally, not profanely) bread out of the bread maker, head to the Bike Project, and try to create more plot elements for the applications of these assorted concepts…

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