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appy Monday!

September 30, 2013


Last night I was playing with COBRA (our Desire2learn online class platform) and realized it has pretty good quiz options… a person could (and I’m going to try to today and tomorrow) set up the “you have to pass this quiz to open the next one” situation.  So, I can make a quiz so that […]

MOOC you very much.

September 29, 2013


Welp… I am pretty sure that the best use of my time is to not waste any more of it in Broward College’s MOOC land.   It is in the time-“honored” tradition of “let’s see how quickly we can review some procedures for everything you need to know.”  And, of course, it is sprinkled with those […]

Taking another MOOC

September 23, 2013


So.   Parkland didn’t get a grant.   Broward College did.   (I am, of course, pondering whether this is a trend.)   They have a MOOC for developmental students — anywhere, any time.      I didn’t see an easy way to ask about it, so I just signed up.       I […]

“if you get this, you can go home”

September 19, 2013


Attending a thoroughly engaging class has the same effect on me as reading a thoroughly engaging book.   I carry its voice with me for a while. In CSC 140, Java,   yesterday we heard and saw a meticulous explanation of how object reference variables work and how important it is to understand that the […]

bacon brain :)

September 16, 2013


… yea, it’s fried.   Be it duly noted that I should stick to Powerpoint for the time being.  I *can* make them into youtube videos (though kludgily and slowly), and … I’m not really taking advantage of the animation stuff beyond what I could do with powerpoint.  So!   I shall attempt my “the […]

The root of things

September 15, 2013


… welp, I’ll know I’ve transcended a threshold of blog popularity when I *don’t* see “square root symbol” (and how to make it online) in those “top reasons people found your site.” There’s yet another twitter-conversation about the Khan Academy from teachers who don’t think much of it, several of whom think it can be […]

Video assumption

September 14, 2013


Lots and lots of people have made video lessons about math stuff.  Why are they made as separate entities?   When I taught people to read who really, really, really struggled with that skill, we had tons and tons of constant review. Every lesson had a serious chunk of review.  In the long run, it […]