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appy Monday!

September 30, 2013


Last night I was playing with COBRA (our Desire2learn online class platform) and realized it has pretty good quiz options… a person could (and I’m going to try to today and tomorrow) set up the “you have to pass this quiz to open the next one” situation.  So, I can make a quiz so that […]

MOOC you very much.

September 29, 2013


Welp… I am pretty sure that the best use of my time is to not waste any more of it in Broward College’s MOOC land.   It is in the time-“honored” tradition of “let’s see how quickly we can review some procedures for everything you need to know.”  And, of course, it is sprinkled with those […]

Taking another MOOC

September 23, 2013


So.   Parkland didn’t get a grant.   Broward College did.   (I am, of course, pondering whether this is a trend.)   They have a MOOC for developmental students — anywhere, any time.      I didn’t see an easy way to ask about it, so I just signed up.       I […]

“if you get this, you can go home”

September 19, 2013


Attending a thoroughly engaging class has the same effect on me as reading a thoroughly engaging book.   I carry its voice with me for a while. In CSC 140, Java,   yesterday we heard and saw a meticulous explanation of how object reference variables work and how important it is to understand that the […]

bacon brain :)

September 16, 2013


… yea, it’s fried.   Be it duly noted that I should stick to Powerpoint for the time being.  I *can* make them into youtube videos (though kludgily and slowly), and … I’m not really taking advantage of the animation stuff beyond what I could do with powerpoint.  So!   I shall attempt my “the […]

The root of things

September 15, 2013


… welp, I’ll know I’ve transcended a threshold of blog popularity when I *don’t* see “square root symbol” (and how to make it online) in those “top reasons people found your site.” There’s yet another twitter-conversation about the Khan Academy from teachers who don’t think much of it, several of whom think it can be […]

Video assumption

September 14, 2013


Lots and lots of people have made video lessons about math stuff.  Why are they made as separate entities?   When I taught people to read who really, really, really struggled with that skill, we had tons and tons of constant review. Every lesson had a serious chunk of review.  In the long run, it […]

Calculator concepts

September 11, 2013


Students were plugging numbers into the formula for figuring out interest. The student was confused because she was plugging the numbers from the paper into the calculator.   Why, it was asked, should we multiply these numbers, but not when we had a square root?    You see, we weren’t *multiplying*… we were just “putting […]

nix the trix? Maybe.

September 9, 2013


   My twitter feed got me a link to a new site called “nix the trix.”   I like its premise:   that understanding math is better than memorizing mnemonics, and that those mnemonics can make it harder to understand the math, especially when they get in the way.   Classic example is when my […]