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Posted on August 30, 2013


Of course it’s nice to be told “I love you!” when I helped the MySpanishLab student figure out that the computer thought the right answer was invierno, so “el invierno” would be ‘incorrect.’

   I’m working on my subtraction video and bringing in the big idea that for adding and subtracting, “it’s same to same.”   

    A Math Literacy student (not the one quoted in the school paper saying that she’d spent $93 on worksheets, indicating their “text” )  was answering a question about why you can only add or subtract like terms… x and x, not x  and y.   HIs answer?  It would be like adding  20 miles and 2 minutes.   It just wouldn’t make sense 🙂   

   The more curious phenomenon was the student shepherded to my domain because she was radiating frustration at the “signing out” station (yea, we have some awesome student workers), who was using her calculator to multiply by -1… but figured out factoring in fifteen minutes.   Frustration at that level of toxicity… usually isn’t that quickly reversed, but she was distributing negatives successfully in no time. Not sure what’s up with that.   

    Also curious was the person using ALEKS who needed to be taught how to count that *distance* to find the perimeter of a rectangle.  That’s one of the “four things the textbooks don’t teach” that we’ll be learning about from DOrothea Steinke in October… that the amounts on the number line don’t stand for the number of dots you’re counting, but for that distance from 0 to where you are. 

   And… successfully uploaded a preliminary “finding parts” narrated powerpoint.  Yes, needs more visuals and more practice. http://www.resourceroom.net/mec/ChapterOne/FindingParts.html

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