Posted on August 24, 2013


Flipping the idea of the previous post — the marvels of visualization, made easy by technology — is the nasty little fact that I’ve worked with 3 students this week whose formidable and primary barrier to understanding the content is… the technology.   One is in the new “project based” pre-algebra … but underpinning all the projects is a hefty dose of ALEKS and she doesn’t have INternet access at home.  *This* semester, she should be able to find a less tech-centered option.  Unfortunately, the direction will soon be … no home INternet?  Re-think that college thing.

 (Don’t know if she’s in the area served by our “UC2B,” a big project to get fiber optic out to the underserved neighborhoods.)  

     THe “digital divide” is, of course, preferring the “haves” to the ‘have nots.”

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