Day 1, 13-14 academic year.

Posted on August 19, 2013


Okay, I forgot to go upstairs to meet teh 3:00 class. Hoping to set up some kind of “alert” on my desk for things like that. Will try post-it notes.

Java class started. I had [need word for anticipated in such a way so as not to be disappointed] braced myself for it being less interesting than the Animation course; that took my little brain to so many new places, since I’m just a verbal gerbil by nature.

Snork.   Not to worry.  Since the teacher is an electrical-engineer-turned-graphic-artist-turned-programmer-teacher, when he talks programming it’s not about learning to code; it’s learning how to set up all the pieces big and small to solve problems.   You know, the parts that… are absolutely, positively going to take my brain into so many new places.

[And my inner Hermione can be assuaged.   I will get to take ‘knowledge level’ quizzes and exams and study for them and show what I know. We’re like, supposed to read the book and answer the questions.]

Still not sure how I’ll manage the minutes — class *and* the Mary Ellen Carter Academy.

Logistically, seems I could have signed up for online and crashed the face-to-face. He’s got it set up so that everybody can do everything either way. And… I’m grateful to the EDUC115N class (#howtolearnmath) for getting me into the online groove and in a “get ahead!” mode… and that it was timed so I could finish before this stuff started!

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