Back to it

Posted on August 13, 2013


Back to it… see the previous post for the delectable list. 

… so after this almost delectable list, the commenter proceeds to talk about the really awesome and amazing things technology can do to effect these things… things like… wait for it… ALEKS.    I did my darndest to pull in my fangs — these folks aren’t in the trenches, after all, so they’re listening to the promoters of the products and it *does* sound great in theory! — but… ALEKS is seriously lacking as far as numbers 1,3,8,9,10,17,18,19,20,22,23,24 and 25 go.   I’d thought #11 might be a strength but then realized that no, the “multiple examples” *aren’t* “make the student keep doing problems until s/he gets it right,” but they’re supposed to be multiple examples *of a concept,* as in seeing it from different angles.   Oops.   SinceALEKS doesn’t even deal with that thing called concepts, only procedures, that’s not even in its language.

I guess it’s the Orwellian way people spend a paragraph talking about how awesome and cool it is to promote deep thinking and problem solving and then open the curtains to programs that slap those ideas down and grind them into the dust that honestly galls me to the core.

Without that preface, I might have been able to skim past that list of exciting efforts to make good stuff in our pauperdom that started out with  … yea… Khan Academy.

I am going to make a professional decision to let them have fun discussing, and  go back to generating my own content (which the article starts out by saying is *so hard* and that people are reluctant to do it… doesn’t say whether it’s teachers or students they’re talking about).

(especially since it has just been suggested to me that yes, these people touting these programs — in the *(*& name of deeper thinking — are the ones getting these big fat grant funds, while we’re the ones getting our budgets slashed and being replaced with this so-called ‘intelligent’ technology.  He’s suggesting that we adopt a WAITT attitude — “We’re all in this together” –  … speechless…)