Distraction in action

Posted on July 28, 2013


Over at “overthinking my teaching,” Chris notes a workbook with graphics of jars of bugs, overlaid with the numerals that students are supposed to pay attention to…http://christopherdanielson.wordpress.com/2013/07/28/number-and-numeration-gone-wrong/   

And meanwhile, back at the ranch, I am trying to put together examples of parts being taken away from wholes, to give you parts… so I googled “fun subtraction problems.”   FIrst hit was “fun subtraction” game here:


and wow!   a visual puzzle — find the “number” amidst all the visual (and auditory) noise.   The action and graphics don’t seem to have anything to do with … anything.   

Back to looking for something besides “john had 10 apples. He ate 3. How many does he have left?”   I suppose I can at least have a mad marshmallow monster eat them…

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