Posted on July 20, 2013


Hot enough that 11 miles was enough in hte morning (and thinking about hte heat propelled me from my bed). I created an “introduction” powerpoint, and narrated it and the first “parts and wholes” one, but… the sound quality is fair. With the headset I’ve got all *kinds* of sibilance and popping… with both that and doing it w/o a mic, there’s just a lot of white noise.
Math Annoyance: Bicycling magazine did an article about the growth of bicycle use in the U.S. by non-white people. The article title? “The New Majority.” The annoyance? The only thing remotely resembling a “majority” is the more than 50% *increase* in use. It’s not more than 50% *of* anything…
Stepped away from the MOOC successfully today šŸ™‚ Site visits down to single digits, too; no coincidence.
I also dug back into my flash files, and recalled how close I was to having my “interval notation” animation done … last year. (It’s a beginning-of-semester thing, so once it wasn’t going to be useful, I shelved it.)

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