Imaginary Numbers

Posted on July 14, 2013

1   has an explanation of the practical uses of “i.”   Interesting that it mentions “oscillations,” because that ‘back and forth’ concept is where my explanation of i has evolved to.   Essentially, the same way -1’s little exponential powers oscillate between -1 and 1, the value of i raised to ever-increasing powers oscillates… but in more dimensions.   So it takes four times around to get back to 1. 

I’m getting accustomed to the LiveScribe again… I did a ten-minute ramble, but then condensed the lesson to “just the i to the powers” part, since that’s a confounding issue for students who are comfortable up to that point. 

(Now, the jury is still out as to whether I am happy with doing that on the grounds that  the *reason* it’s a confounding issue could be  because working memory could get away with Memorizing A Rule Or Two up to that point, and in fact the student hasn’t really mastered the negative-times-negative is positive idea.)   

… okay, the jury is still out as to whether I shall hurl the pen across the room, as its functionality is waxing frustrating.   I *love* instructions that say “click on share on the main menu” … when, um… there is no “share” on the main menu. Yes, I’m in the “pages” setting. Oh, and … I registered the pen, except I’m being prompted to register it.

More importantly, I don’t really like the recording. I was explaining to myself, so my selection of what to say was on the random side. I need to imagine A Live Student…

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