The i’s have it…

Posted on July 3, 2013


… I think I’ve found a reasonably useful way of explaining i to the Big Fat Power.   

I didn’t think to start with the idea that 1 to the Big Fat Power is … still one… and that negative one just keeps flipping and flopping and getting back to one. 

    I did thing do say that it was like a circle — much like a clock, so that when you started a new hour, you started over… and the starting point is 1.   (There are lots of other more abstractly clean connections… adn I’ll keep thinking… but clocks I think are better than lots of the choices because… they’re real and I can point at one.)  

     And it goes in a circle, and the top and bottom are 1 and negative one respectively, just like that negative one that keeps doing it’s flip flop as you raise it to powers… but this one has to go around and visit all four bases on the playing field to get back to the “one.”   (Okay, I just thought of going around the bases now… it’s probably not worth preserving ;)) 

     I could watch the idea shrinking to manageable in the eyes of the student… now, it might have shrunk anyways, but it became less of a mess of symbols to move properly and more a quantifiable idea. 

     No progress in POiwerpoint Land… but I have hopes for next week. 

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