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Distraction in action

July 28, 2013


Over at “overthinking my teaching,” Chris notes a workbook with graphics of jars of bugs, overlaid with the numerals that students are supposed to pay attention to…    And meanwhile, back at the ranch, I am trying to put together examples of parts being taken away from wholes, to give you parts… so I googled […]

“Did I miss anything?”

July 22, 2013


  … that’s the blog title our College President uses.  While I’ve been generally favorably impressed by him, the answer is an unequivocal “YES” when he continues to post the rah-rah spin articles about Khan Academy and Developmental Math.   Gosh, the article says, students will learn the concepts because there are activities online that […]

Thinking about word problems

July 21, 2013


An idea to bridge to those horrible things called “word problems:” there are math situations where students can get the answer easily, but they haven’t thought about the math they did to get there. Odds are, they didn’t think they were doing math (so, it occurs to me, the “we never use math” means “we […]


July 20, 2013


Hot enough that 11 miles was enough in hte morning (and thinking about hte heat propelled me from my bed). I created an “introduction” powerpoint, and narrated it and the first “parts and wholes” one, but… the sound quality is fair. With the headset I’ve got all *kinds* of sibilance and popping… with both that […]


July 17, 2013


I really am enjoying the “how to learn math” course.   Face it, most “free online seminars” have a commercial backing and are trying to sell a product.    I’ll grant that this is “selling” an approach to teaching math, but it’s doing it in a scholarly way.   The ratio of “let me tell […]

“Class” begins!

July 15, 2013


(Duly setting time limit on how much of lunch can be spent on this — I also need to spend some time with our online learning platform that we’ll be using in the fall… that would be in NOT TOO MANY WEEKS!…) We’re expected to Have Stuff OnLine for people to have links to click […]

Imaginary Numbers

July 14, 2013

1   has an explanation of the practical uses of “i.”   Interesting that it mentions “oscillations,” because that ‘back and forth’ concept is where my explanation of i has evolved to.   Essentially, the same way -1’s little exponential powers oscillate between -1 and 1, the value of i raised to ever-increasing powers oscillates… […]

PleasureInLearning flashes me back

July 12, 2013


    So! I blogged fun things about the blog, and got  some happy returns of the day as Karen Dougherty picked my site for her “Super Site of the Week”  (and I”m blushing ;)).    She noted a page at that I’d forgotten about… where I analyzed the difference in perspective of a student accustomed to […]

unlearning helplessness

July 11, 2013


It’s Thursday-Friday. YOu *might* have thunk things would be quiet around here… but we did have to kick ’em out at closing time, and no, we didn’t have margaritas. There are ways to attend so that you can do it on your own, and there are ways to attend paying fierce attention to what moves […]

No magic paper

July 9, 2013


… so the pen got here, but not the paper. NOt a big deal ’cause it’s a little busy and I can plan and prepare and.. and… and I’m thinking about a neat “parentheses” and “order of operations” lesson (not for the pre-pre-algebra, I don’t *think.*) I’m thinking of situations where you subtract a series […]