It’s Friday-Friday!

Posted on June 28, 2013


THe second of eight Fridays off, I have done a little bike riding & bikey stuff, done some shopping and laundry… and surfed. Found yet another “flipped learning” person who stated outright the thinking that concerns me, even with really good teachers doing flipped learning who make their own materials.
SOmehow, it’s differentiating and accommodating those struggling learners because they can
m o v e at their o w n pace.
Since when is learning that linear?
It’s *still* a lecture. You are still throwing interaction — the kind of interaction that addresses misconceptions — to the side.
It’s still Just One Delivery. If you’re struggling, it might be because that lesson isn’t addressing what you don’t understand at all… you might need more visual, more verbal, more…
Why isn’t the addressing of misconceptions a part of every lesson plan?
(Well, for one thing, because it’s hard… and because I don’t have ’em when I make my lesson and there’s that funny feeling that IF I TAUGHT IT RIGHT you wouldn’t HAVE them.)

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