It’s Thursday-Friday!

Posted on June 27, 2013


THat’s what we call Thursday on the four-day work weeks of summer… Yesterday at, I read “You really should allow yourself the pleasure of experiencing Dr. Sitra’s gentle, humorous, and humble explanation of his work by clicking here. It’s truly delightful and will make you happy that you share the planet with someone like him. Don’t you have 12 minutes and 29 seconds for that? Listen while you clear off that messy desk!” (This is what we were to listen to)

IMAG0081 Alas, I seem to have deleted the “before” picture! Welp, the left side of the desk that I didn’t get to is your hint…
While I’m afraid if I left a math book in a room with the students and came back a few months later, our stats wouldn’t be *much* better than our previous attempts to teach, the idea that students *can* teach themselves is intriguing. A critical difference between assorted places in India and Parkland College is that those kiddos who taught themselves to use the computer were self-selected. What about all those kiddos who *weren’t* hanging around the computer figuring things out? Were there kiddos who hung around for a while, but were made to feel stupid by the ones who were good at figuring things out, so they left?

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