Posted on June 19, 2013


I’ve spent my week bike-camping with GITAP folks, and now it is SUmmer Session. Happily, there’s nothing like a week sleeping in a tent to make the 7:30 arrival time (the price of the 4-day work week) an easy adjustment.

So, 7.25 work-weeks remaining in which to produce Working Stuff For The Transitions Course.   Things are still very, very much in the “I have lots of brilliant ideas!” stage, tho’ today I successfully broached Photoshop and Flash, albeit briefly.   The first concept:   “parts and wholes,” explained nicely at … tho’ I do wish there were some indication on that site as to how recently it has been updated.

My idea is to make my images separable into parts and wholes so that I could show, f’rinstance, that array of 24 cans and have it move around to demonstrate taht it’s 23 + 1 at the same time that it’s 24, etc, etc.   Wretchedly, my software skills are so bludgeonly that I still struggle with basic “crop t he image so I can just manipulate the can, not a big square!”   issues but I at least have it down to a small square and … I’m getting better.

Tomorrow will be THursday, last day of the work week, and I’ve reserved some hours of the morning for *making* a Camtasia of at least one little video. I’ll be sharing madly on edmodo … but right now, I’ve still got 70 minutes or so of “workday” before heading out for the Juneteenth ride… Juneteenth being a holiday so obscure that even NPR didn’t cover it…