Posted on June 5, 2013


… I’ve decided to invest in spending time on edmodo.com — looks like a good way to share stuff and so far looks like a reasonable community.  It’s a little like bikejournal.com for teachers 🙂 I can put together a library of links and resources and share it with people and they can add stuff to their libraries and I can see how many people have added my gems to their libraries.  I learned to tag and …

… and I found a link to adaptED Mind, yet one more massive conglomeration of practice, tho’ the badges are CUTE~!!   I want to learn how to do that… this has videos too and I am amazed at how much this guy sounds *exactly* like Sal Khan in his general intonation, use of chalk-and-talk, and even making mistakes (“oops, that would be the ones place, we always start with ones”).   Of course, nothing conceptual in the mix at all…

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