fault-tolerance begins!

Posted on June 3, 2013


Okay, how to do it? 

First step:  do the training for our online course system.   Second, start making videos even if they’re Camtasia, no-frills. If there was one take-away from my Thursday-Friday conference it was that support and time on task seemed to be muchmore important than silly things like quality of instruction.   I’m afraid that an entirely plausible scenario seems to be that moving through our education system has nothing to do with   knowledge, and a whole lot more to do with some magical “how to pass classes” skill.   People who have high GPAs (>2.6 was the magic number in North Carolina) seem to be most likely to get the grades in college, too.   Maybe it’s all about knowing how to Google and to cut and paste answers, eh?   

    </rambling distraction>

It’s Monday and next week I’ll be doing GITAP and just riding my bike everywhere. So… the Time. Is. Nigh…Now.   

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