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It’s Friday-Friday!

June 28, 2013


THe second of eight Fridays off, I have done a little bike riding & bikey stuff, done some shopping and laundry… and surfed. Found yet another “flipped learning” person who stated outright the thinking that concerns me, even with really good teachers doing flipped learning who make their own materials. SOmehow, it’s differentiating and accommodating […]

It’s Thursday-Friday!

June 27, 2013


THat’s what we call Thursday on the four-day work weeks of summer… Yesterday at, I read “You really should allow yourself the pleasure of experiencing Dr. Sitra’s gentle, humorous, and humble explanation of his work by clicking here. It’s truly delightful and will make you happy that you share the planet with someone like […]


June 26, 2013


… yesterday was Reasonably Good during the day for battling the distraction demons (we wont’ talk about the “meeting canceled for storms” evening…).   Hoping to get to the production point, at which point Putting The NExt Part Online will be a motivator…     I *think* I’m having a success right now, as well. […]

Candid Camera

June 24, 2013


I wish, I wish I could video the conversations as students try to figure out our new math course’s problems.   This is supposed to be a “mathematical literacy” course, with “real life” applications and… … it is.   Now, I’ll grant that it’s not necessarily “real math” that people are *burning* with desire to know, but […]


June 19, 2013


I’ve spent my week bike-camping with GITAP folks, and now it is SUmmer Session. Happily, there’s nothing like a week sleeping in a tent to make the 7:30 arrival time (the price of the 4-day work week) an easy adjustment. So, 7.25 work-weeks remaining in which to produce Working Stuff For The Transitions Course.   […]

Transforming Transitions

June 6, 2013


We got together for a couple of hours today (I, at least, was on the clock ;)) and have started our Magnificent Re-Design of our Transitions class, messing with an Opening Day ASsessment … 6 thought questions about actual math (“is this number closer to that number or the other number?”), and a bunch of […]


June 5, 2013


… I’ve decided to invest in spending time on — looks like a good way to share stuff and so far looks like a reasonable community.  It’s a little like for teachers 🙂 I can put together a library of links and resources and share it with people and they can add stuff […]

fault-tolerance begins!

June 3, 2013


Okay, how to do it?  First step:  do the training for our online course system.   Second, start making videos even if they’re Camtasia, no-frills. If there was one take-away from my Thursday-Friday conference it was that support and time on task seemed to be muchmore important than silly things like quality of instruction.   […]

Silly Stanford

June 1, 2013


… Welp, I was not a finalist of the 225 entries for the d.fellowship school.   I hope it’s ’cause I failed to communicate that the   utter brilliance of myself and my ideas  were the more worthwhile than the other 224 (either because the communication failed or because it wasn’t true ;)) … and […]