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“only what is needed”

May 7, 2013


“Amid a national push to lift high-school standards in the U.S., a new study recommends a different approach for students who go on to community college, one that emphasizes basic subjects to provide them with only the skills they would need to succeed in their future careers.” That’s the opening of New Course Recommended for […]

fault-tolerant education

May 3, 2013


<procrastinating ramble> Not sure whether it’s made my blogs or not, but we’re gathering resources to get ready to blaze a trail and (re-)design our “Transitions” course this summer (to teach it for real in the fall).  The plan:  Build procedural skills on solid conceptual foundations — oh, yea, assess the conceptual foundations, and we’ve […]

It’s a plot…

May 1, 2013


and here, in the final week of classes, they’re trying to plot graphs on graph paper.   They’ve got the points; they’ve got the paper.   However, figuring out how to assign numbers to the axes is not obvious to them. These folks can do math problems; they can factor quadratic equations.  They have been […]