Posted on May 28, 2013

0   Dan Willingham and Doug Lemov being interviewed, discussing the role of failure.  Lemov’s book is “Practice Perfect” and he says that practicing failure makes us better at failing… which is what I’ve claimed happens all the time in math, unfortunately for an awful lot of students who manage to get passing *grades.*   They’re just accustomed to not understanding.   Lemov gave example of trying to learn to hit a baseball and having just too many things going on for his kiddo, and that he should have set things up for some proper ratio of successes to failures.   Then they went on to Dweck and the idea that if you don’t get it, you need to see that as not “failure” but, “if you work at the next one, you’ll get it right.”

Okay, so *how* do we teach the kiddo exactly how to “work at the next one?”    Does it involve looking back at the one you missed…

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