Empathize ;)

Posted on May 28, 2013


I wanted to know what that whole “empathy” part of the design process was about (was it about empathizing with the folks you were trying to design for?  With folks you wanted to convince to help you design things for the people you wanted to design for?)  and found this line on http://knight.stanford.edu/work-fellow/2012/the-draw-of-stanfords-design-school/ “The empathy step is not about listening to people and doing what they say. It’s about listening to them to find out what they need.”

Oh, that amazing diagnostic process … I kinda know what it means when it comes to teaching math, whether its cognitive or affective, but I’ll be thinking about taking it further.

In the meantime, I’m going to find ten Thigns that have Parts and Wholes between now and the end of the day, for the first online visual lessons for the fall course.   It’s a little bit of a challenge — I tend to see too many parts 🙂 — but that very notion that there are all kinds of different ways of breaking things into parts is very consistent with numerical and mathematical expressions…

… but on the twitter world, I also see somebody suggesting that what’s happened to journalism is happening in education.   Wow.   There. Is. A. Thought.

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