Fractions and Percents Applied

Posted on May 22, 2013


    It’s day three of the “three week crash course” summer session and … two students from Diet and Nutrition 120 (or something like that) have found me.   They’ve passed the math course pre-requisite … but the connection between 1/3 and dividing by three is. not. obvious.   There is a similar gap between the skill of calculating percent and knowing when to do it. There is also confusion about whether that 1/3 of should be percents or grams.   Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to say “picture that 2300 g of sodium!”   “Okay, three meals, split it into thirds… there’s your 767 grams of sodium…”  

     Now, it’s also giving ’em practice with reading tables on the INternet — tables that let you plug in the number of ounces because the first time you calculated using the last column as the teacher instructed, you hadn’t changed 1 oz to 16 oz. of that orange juice from concentrate…  

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