Searching for the inner geek…

Posted on May 20, 2013


… so I’m trying to use Aptana to figure out this JavaScript stuff.  First thing that becomes obvious is that you don’t ever, ever want to shut your computer down or close the program.   It takes several minutes to open up, during which the whole system is bogged bogged bogged (yes, the computer at work’s a 32-bit processor).  Then… I get the starter page and no clue to where the files I was working at are.   (Yes, it’s been a week, and yes, I’m spoiled.   Other programs have a “recent files” option.)

So I see thatI can find a different workspace and click to go to it, thinking that’s where my stuff is.

Well, that was five minutes ago; the whole program shut down.  Six minutes and counting… lesson learned.   Don’t ever leave 😉

Time to start creating “part and whole” lessons…

(Ten minutes later and … it’s opened!!!!   No files in that project area either…)

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