Chomp, chomp

Posted on May 17, 2013


… that’s me, at the bit… still a couple students here, really focused on finishing papers, so recording a math lesson isn’t an option.

On the lunch laps, I contrived   “houses” for the Aunt James’ Academy.   The one would be the “home for battered algebra students” where “math shouldn’t hurt,” and will include stuff addressing anxiety, etc.   Another would be more of a “construction crew” or “fitness camp” (math fat farm? :))  that would have more of a construction, measurement and visual/manipulative angle.   A third could be the “Blue Robe School of Cosmic Enlightenment and Good Grammar Correct Calculations”  where concepts are taken a little further….

…. but 5:00 FRIDAY is happening. TIme for the Prairie Cycle Club convening at Radio Maria…

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