Common Core, dudes

Posted on May 16, 2013


I went back (while working up my d.fellowship application) and reviewed how the Common Core suggests presenting fractions.   Instead straight out “this much of the pie,” it proposes starting with “units” so that students are counting complete things since, after all, that’s what their brains are going to do with it.  So, 3/5 is presented as 1/5 on the number line first, and then 3/5 would be three of those units.

It worked with a student plowing through Those Last Lessons On ALEKS.   This is the kind of thign Iwant to add to practice-the-procedure software (like ALEKS and Khan Academy and… and…) :   strategies for building the procedural knowledge from concepts. It wouldn’t necessarily have to bethe same path, per the webinar on making learning quests.

And speaking of, the “quest” framework would be a good one and fun to create 🙂

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