Where’s that Livescribe?

Posted on May 15, 2013


   Note to self:   The LiveScribe pen is probably a really good venue for lessons I want to eventually make online.   It would have come in handy this a.m.

    A co-worker’s daughter had been in tears the night before, working through problems with factors and multiples.   You see, contrary to common standards, the book described the process with the whole “prime factorization” schtick. (Granted, it’s middle school, so they’re *supposed* to already have conceptual foundation, but that’s a grand assumption). Typical of the book, the available examples weren’t like the assigned ones. 

      The student is pretty good at math, actually… I presented the lesson with a few more visual cues and mom got it.   However, it’s complicated enough that it would have been *really* nice to make it into an audio PDF.   Add to summer todo list:   make little library of the Cool Lessons, JUST IN CASE I’m like, you know, in CALIFORNIA in the fall and even if I’m not. 

     Helping the “I’ve gotten by with memorizing procedures all year and faking it, but this is the FINAL and they’re all running together!” people is frustrating.   (Helping the ones who’ve been working hard all year is much less frustrating.)

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