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May 28, 2013

0   Dan Willingham and Doug Lemov being interviewed, discussing the role of failure.  Lemov’s book is “Practice Perfect” and he says that practicing failure makes us better at failing… which is what I’ve claimed happens all the time in math, unfortunately for an awful lot of students who manage to get passing *grades.*   They’re […]

Empathize ;)

May 28, 2013


I wanted to know what that whole “empathy” part of the design process was about (was it about empathizing with the folks you were trying to design for?  With folks you wanted to convince to help you design things for the people you wanted to design for?)  and found this line on “The empathy step […]

Fractions and Percents Applied

May 22, 2013


    It’s day three of the “three week crash course” summer session and … two students from Diet and Nutrition 120 (or something like that) have found me.   They’ve passed the math course pre-requisite … but the connection between 1/3 and dividing by three is. not. obvious.   There is a similar gap […]


May 21, 2013


Whereas, I need to go back and figure out how to make JavaScript do as I wish, I figured I’d try another online teaching venue, to wit: LearnStreet. Can’t say I approve of the pedagogy — an awful lot of the lessons seem to tell me to do something(without instruction), and let me click on […]

Searching for the inner geek…

May 20, 2013


… so I’m trying to use Aptana to figure out this JavaScript stuff.  First thing that becomes obvious is that you don’t ever, ever want to shut your computer down or close the program.   It takes several minutes to open up, during which the whole system is bogged bogged bogged (yes, the computer at […]

Chomp, chomp

May 17, 2013


… that’s me, at the bit… still a couple students here, really focused on finishing papers, so recording a math lesson isn’t an option. On the lunch laps, I contrived   “houses” for the Aunt James’ Academy.   The one would be the “home for battered algebra students” where “math shouldn’t hurt,” and will include stuff […]

Common Core, dudes

May 16, 2013


I went back (while working up my d.fellowship application) and reviewed how the Common Core suggests presenting fractions.   Instead straight out “this much of the pie,” it proposes starting with “units” so that students are counting complete things since, after all, that’s what their brains are going to do with it.  So, 3/5 is […]