Just Sayin’

Posted on April 24, 2013


… ALEKS has ’em doing hte distance formula, and they get a nice problem to do (you don’t get instruction with ALEKS; you have to ask it to “explain”).   The “explanation” is the distance formula. Zilch, zero, nada about where it comes from.   Guess what?   The students find it hard to keep track of.   When I show ’em how it connects to the Pythagorean Theorem, then at least that completely obnoxious formula is related to something they remember, albeit another formula with those square rooty things that are so hard to navigate (and my post with the square root sign *still* gets the most hits…)

The other thing that is rather confounding them:   this current exercise figuring out frequencies and wavelengths of radio waves… the size of the numbers is having a discombobulating effect (sticking a CCS 099 vocab. word in here ;)).   Some students, happily, are experiencing the advantages of scientific notation because of that.


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