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Posted on April 19, 2013


      Friday has managed to get here 🙂 A tweet suggested that April is the most depressing month for teachers because we can see our failures, and I concur.  I don’t mean students as failures, but rather those painful failures to have conveyed a concept.   Too many students still divide the big number by the little number no matter what, because that looks right. Then there was that nice parabola graph of the trajectory of a football, with the adorable watermark of a football with a shadow underneath it under the parabola.  Students were very confused at the question asking them to use the graph to figure out how many feet away from teh punting point the football hit the ground. I asked them where it would be on the graph and they pointed to … wait for it … the picture of the football.   Still contemplating how to teach about *that.*   

    I thought of a somewhat visual way to explain averages … use a bar graph and have two quiz grades and show that if one grade “shared” with the other until they were even, then you’d have the average. AFter showing how that wroked we could have a little drama where the short guys got tired of having to beg, and the big guys got tired of negotiating, so we all just agreed to pile everything up into one, and then divide it evenly. 

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