Rewards for Doing Stuff

Posted on April 10, 2013


    So, a while back I stumbled upon a page asking for people to post their ideas for innovations in developmental education, at , for a think called NextDev.   It was just before the deadline, so I cobbled together the best explanation I could of what we’re trying to do with multisensory math and our basic learners. It is very cobbly.  I’d link to it except that, um, the site seems to be down. Hmmm…

… but yesterday I got a nice email inviting me about that; that the “next step” was  to convene about innovations in Denver, Colorado,  and the Lumina Foundation was paying the freight for the night, and we’d get to hear Santiago, co-founder of Excelencia in Education, “address the moral and practical imperatives of ensuring that all students have the opportunity to successfully complete a college credential.”  

        It was pointed out by our admin that Lumina and Gates Foundations seem rather focused on accelerating the almost-ready out to “real” classes, without concerning themsevles over the folks with weaker skills, so I shall attend with that framework in mind, prepared to question the definition of “all,” as well as the definition of a “college credential.” I’ve booked my room… don’t know if I could have asked for a “workout room” — with treadmill or spincycle, copies of runner’s world and bicycling magazine, and complimentary bottled water.  No kidding 😉 


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