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Parentheses, please!

April 30, 2013


Yesterday I struggled helplessly to get a student to recognize that if Marge and Ed had their little election, and Marge got 93 more votes than Ed, and that there were a total of 587 votes, that “x + 93 = 587” would not get her the right answer.  She sailed into abject panic early […]

Sproing! Sproing!

April 30, 2013


My twitter feed over the weekend sent me here: and… objectively speaking, it’s a wonderful opportunity to focus my energies on communicating my ideas, and a ridiculously long shot (it’s aimed at “restless experts” and  there are amazing things out there, from people even more restless and more expert than I am) but I’m psyched — […]

Bonham and Boylan and developmental math

April 25, 2013


So!  I snagged that copy of the Journal of Developmental Education and espied the article _Developmental Mathematics: Challenges, Promising Practices, and Recent Initiatives. It’s four pages deep, beginning with stats about who has to take developmental courses and how many colleges offer them (e.g., “3/4 of colleges and universities in U.S. that enroll freshmen have […]

Just Sayin’

April 24, 2013


… ALEKS has ’em doing hte distance formula, and they get a nice problem to do (you don’t get instruction with ALEKS; you have to ask it to “explain”).   The “explanation” is the distance formula. Zilch, zero, nada about where it comes from.   Guess what?   The students find it hard to keep […]

Halfway there!

April 22, 2013


So.  We have confusion and frustration over these “percent” exercises that have a four column chart:  price, tax percent rate, tax amount, and total price.         So confused!  How do you tell which is part, which is whole?  How do you remember whether to add or subtract?      Welp… let me ask […]

Busy, busy!

April 19, 2013


      Friday has managed to get here 🙂 A tweet suggested that April is the most depressing month for teachers because we can see our failures, and I concur.  I don’t mean students as failures, but rather those painful failures to have conveyed a concept.   Too many students still divide the big […]

Rewards for Doing Stuff

April 10, 2013


    So, a while back I stumbled upon a page asking for people to post their ideas for innovations in developmental education, at , for a think called NextDev.   It was just before the deadline, so I cobbled together the best explanation I could of what we’re trying to do with multisensory math […]


April 6, 2013


So I can’t get the tutorial to work for “drag and drop in HTML5” (I suspect anyody who’s done it has had the premium files), and I go to w3schools and their “try it” tutorial doesn’t even work, so I figger that’s probably just a little too “cutting edge” to be worth the time. […]

Those search engines

April 5, 2013


… sometimes I want to contact the person who found my site, looking for “Grr… there goes my heart’s abhorrence.”   I reflect fondly on that Soliloquy of the Spanish Cloister often…       but today was a Grrr and a half day.   The attempt to try the learnzillion lesson in class was a […]

navigating learnzillion

April 4, 2013


Okay, I decided to try a couple of videos on Learnzillion — and just ignore the practice.  Welp, it’s trying to make life difficult for me.  I “assigned” five videos, but now I cannot change the order or edit them.   I get the edit *screen* but… it simply won’t take my edits and I […]