Day 3 and four

Posted on March 27, 2013


Note to self:   check email on those days off!   Friday and Monday college was closed (for spring break/public safety tactical training and Foot Of Snow, respectively, which is down to about two inches today ’cause that late March sun is a heck of a lot stronger than the dead of winter one, which would be a great little math/physics problem to elucidate).

So! Onward to my lessons in “objects” in Javascript. I have 19 badges now, thank you 😉  I’m doing my best to make that produce more whatever the pleasure hormone is than, say, bejeweled blitz 😉   I’m at 125 points of the 200 that are my goal for this week … but I’ll also be scoping out lessons from the … and, of course, working with students…

I also re-read the lamentations of the blog at hacked education about the perceived pedagogical lacks of codecademy, suggesting that the people who love it already know how to code.  I think that might be true; I know that I rely on the stuff I was taught in other places about logic structures for figuring out nesting arrays and what have you. Perhaps some side lessons with logic games would be fun to develop — but right now, I need to figure out division and divisibility 😉

So:   here’s a little pedagogical flurp:   I’m given an example of a javascript object that declares it thusly:


var phonebookEntry = {}; = ‘Oxnard Montalvo’;

phonebookEntry.number = ‘(555) 555-5555’;

… then *I* am told to make an object, but I am expected to make it thusly:

var me {

name = xious,

age = 2


which is a fundamentally different structure.   Now, they have that in their directions, but I am supposed to know not to go back to their example (and/or to discern that the {} enclosing things at first is why I have to add the object name before referring to it again).   THis might be a good thing; I don’t know.

However, the next step is abjectly contradictory.  THe directions on the left tell me “let’s make this with an object constructor.”  Except that when I try to do that, the code editor informs me that I shoudl NOT do that.   Now, I’m inferring that it’s an automatic thign for the code editor and that I can safely ignore it, but if I’m a newbie… it might have been nice to inform me “when in doubt, do what the directiosn say to do.”

There are a couple more things like that… but I *think* so far it will help.   10 more days is worth muddling anyway 🙂

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